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Our Network July 10, 2019

Porn-Slut.xxx | Swinger-Blog.xxx | FetSwing.com

Revshare 50/50

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We realize there are thousands of sites to promote. But, we don't think you will find a conversion rate as good as our within the adult market place.

(P-S-Film Global - Atlanta, GAOur affiliate program is managed by the P-S-Network.com and managed on  NATS. We have multiple revenue streams available for our affiliates.

Our portfolio primarily centers around the swing and fetish lifestyle. Heather C Payne and Gary Jones created these sites by chronicling their actual life as a married couple in the lifestyle. 

Our sites include FetSwing.com | porn-sluts.xxx | swinger-blog.xxx | adultjobs.xxx | bloggingswingers.com   


For more information please contact us at cs@p-s-network.com 


Gary Jones